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Convert your drinks into standard drink sizes

For an amount of alcohol, find out how many Canadian standard drinks it represents.

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Convert your standard drinks into volume

For a number of Canadian standard drinks and % alcohol, find the volume (in ml) it represents.

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What is a standard drink?

A Canadian standard drink contains 17.05mL (0.5765oz)1 of pure ethanol.

Drinking guide

Learning to count drinks?

As of Jan 2023, Canada has updated its Guidance on Alcohol and Health. Unlike the previous guidelines from 2011, the new guidelines define a 'continuum of risk associated with weekly alcohol' rather than a recommended maximum number of drinks per week.
The harms are defined as:

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Note: The mathematical formula for calculating a standard drink using millilitres (mL) is: ((container volume in mL x % alcohol by volume)/(17.05mL of ethanol))/100

1 Ounces (oz) are Imperial fluid ounces (rather than US fluid ounces).

Last update: 18 Jan. 2023
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