Interactive Data Visualization Tool

    This online tool can be used to identify trends in Per Capita Alcohol (PCA) consumption in the province of British Columbia (BC). The tool presents results in litres of absolute alcohol. These data can be broken down by PCA consumption category and by BC Health Boundaries (Health Authorities (HA), Health Service Delivery Areas (HSDA), and Local Health Areas (LHA)). (Note that in 2018, the Local Health Area (LHA) were updated with new LHA numbers to align with other Ministry geographies and some LHA names to better represent the regional geography. This tool orginally used the 2012 LHA names but has been updated using the 2018 names. More details can be found here.)

    PCA Consumption in the Local Health Areas (LHAs) may be subject to large variations between years. This variation can be due a single liquor store closing in a particular LHA.

    Methodology can be found here.

 Last PCA database update: 03 Dec. 2021
 Last frontend update: 13 Dec. 2020